This is probably your first time renting a karaoke machine, here is what you should expect 🎉
Karaoke Tablet

Super Easy to Use

Press on the song you want to sing and it plays! Our karaoke system uses tablets for song selection and are extremely easy to use so that you can have a great time singing!

Karaoke Star

Fun, Fun and Fun

Your guests will be raving about your amazing Karaoke Party for years to come. You’ll be singing till the early hours of the morning! Don’t forget to book your next party!

Karaoke Delivery

Delivery & Installation

Don’t worry about driving across town to pick up the system or fiddling with wires, our karaoke technicians will take care of all that for you!

Karaoke Equipment

High-Quality Equipment

Our Karaoke Systems all come with professional-grade high-quality speakers and microphones giving you the best singing and karaoke experience!

Karaoke Relax

Relax, We’ve Got This.

We know how stressful parties are. We’ve been doing this for 10 years so as soon as you’ve booked you can relax and look forward to your party! We’ll take care of the rest

Karaoke Song

Amazing Songs

So many songs you could sing for months! From the latest hits to the classics, we have everyone’s perfect song! Click here to see our song catalogue

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Frequently Asked Questions

How close to my party should I book?
You can book up to 6 months head and as little as 2 days before your party. We do however recommend you book at least one month before to make sure we have a system available for you. For the month of December you should book as soon as you can as we do often sell out!

Can I book for a certain date?
To see if a system is available for a certain date have a look at our booking page. If the date you picked is available you’ll be able to book, if not you’ll get a message saying you can’t.

What payments methods do you accept?
We accept payments by American Express, Master Card and Visa.

How do I know you will show up, I’ve never heard of you?
If you’re hesitant about booking with us (we understand!) then give us a call to talk with either Hector or Sean. You can also look at all our Google and Facebook reviews on our reviews page. We’ve been in business since 2013 and have had 1000’s of parties.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel more than two weeks before your rental date: full refund less a fee of 10%. Between two weeks and 48 hours before the rental date: you will receive a 50% refund. Less than 48 hours: you will not receive a refund.

Can I listen to music from my phone?
Yes! When you’re not singing karaoke you can use your phone/tablet/laptop to listen whatever music you like (from Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, etc). All the necessary cables and adapters are included.

What do you need from me?
All we need is one or two electrical outlets! No WiFi or anything else, we’ll take care of the rest. If you have a TV or projector we’ll even take care of plugging our system into it. You don’t even need to be present for the installation (as long as we’ve been told where to install the system)

Why should I spend $200+ when I can buy a machine on Amazon for $100 or rent for less with one of your competitors?
The system you rent from us is custom made to give you the best singing experience! The speaker alone costs over $1000! If you want your guests to take your karaoke party seriously you need to show them you’re serious about it too by renting some high quality equipment.

Why can’t I book the home system for my corporate event?
The cost of delivering a machine for your corporate events is much higher than it is for a home delivery. Home deliveries are usually weekends, don’t involve elevators or difficult parking, are easy to set up in a living room and are much easier to coordinate with the client, corporate events are the opposite of that. We basically rent our home systems at a discount because of how much simpler the rental is for us.

What is the difference between your systems?
For home parties, our Home Basic machine comes with 2 microphones, 1 speaker, 1 tablet, the songs and the karaoke machine. The Home Superstar adds a 2nd tablet as well as a party light. For these system we will have to use your television to display the lyrics (or you can rent a screen). For events, our Event Basic includes 2 microphones, 1 large speaker, 2 tablets, 1 22″ screen, 1 party light, the songs and the karaoke machine. Our Event Superstar adds a 3rd tablet, 1 projector with a 80″ screen, a 2nd party light and replaces the wired microphones with wireless. Delivery and installation is always included in your rental.

How easy is it to use?
Super easy! You pick a song (by filtering, searching, seeing top songs), add it to the queue, and wait your turn!

Do I need a host? Can I book a host?
We do not offer hosting services as our system is simple enough to be operated by the guests themselves. If you have a very large party you may want to find someone within your organization who may want to “MC” the night.

What songs do you have?
We have over 17,000 from all years and genres. Have a look at our song catalogue over here.

Can I add songs?
No unfortunately, updating our systems is a long process so we only do it once a year. If you have suggestions for songs we should add please share with us and we’ll try to include them in our next update.

How do I pick songs?
Using our tablets! You pick the songs using our easy to use app and the song will then be added to the queue and play on your TV or our screen.

What languages do you have?
Most of our songs are in English and French, we also have songs in Chinese, Filipino, Hebrew, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish however we can’t guarantee that they’ll be all the top hits you want to sing.

Do you deliver to my address?
To find out if we deliver to your address (and if there’s a delivery surcharge), type your address on our booking form.

My party is outside your delivery zone, can I still book?
Sure, you can either find a meeting spot closer to town (say a shopping center parking lot) and we can meet there or you can give us a call and we’ll find a location together. You’ll then bring the system the rest of the way and do the install youself (it’s easy, there’s an included guide).

I’m going to a cottage for the weekend, what do I do?
We can deliver the system to you in town and you can then bring it to your cottage and take care of the install yourself. Make sure you pick our weekend rental option to keep the machine for the extra nights.

Can you arrive at a precise time?
We try our best but because of traffic and unexpected delays with other deliveries we can’t guarantee! When you book a machine on our booking form you can pick either a morning delivery (between 10am and 1pm) or afternoon (1pm and 4pm). Our delivery driver will call you a couple days before your party and give your a more precise delivery time.

Can I keep the system for more than one day?
Sure, just pick our weekend delivery option on our booking form.


Pick your event type below to discover what Karaoke Rental Toronto machine is best for you and how much it will cost. Our home karaoke system is made for smaller home parties, usually in your living room or basement, however parties outside are also common. Our event system is for parties with more people and comes with a bit more equipment.

Event Plans

Event Superstar For large events $599

  • 17,000+ Songs
  • Three Tablets
  • Speaker
  • Two Wireless Mics
  • Deluxe Party Lights
  • 22” Screen
  • 80” Projector
  • For offices, party rooms, restaurants, receptions halls and more
  • Parties of up to 70 guests

Event Basic For medium-sized events $449

  • 17,000+ Songs
  • Two Tablets
  • Speaker
  • Two Microphones
  • Basic Party Light
  • 22” screen
  • For offices, party rooms, restaurants, receptions halls and more
  • Parties of up to 40 guests

Home Plans

Home Superstar For small home parties $259

  • 17,000+ Songs
  • Two Tablets
  • Speaker
  • Two Microphones
  • Basic Party Light
  • For private households
  • Parties of up to 20 guests

Home Basic For small home parties $229

  • 17,000+ Songs
  • One Tablet
  • Speaker
  • Two Microphones
  • For private households
  • Parties of up to 9 guests


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Based on 550 reviews Google
headshot Mark Marini April, 2024 Google Shot Icon

We used their machine for our 60th Birthday Celebration. It was great! They delivered, set up, picked up next day, and showed us how easy it was to use. Would definitely recommend and use again!

See review here
headshot Daniel Brenner April, 2024 Google Shot Icon

Hector was totally fantastic. He travelled far to ensure my team was well set up and looked after. Equipment was in good shape and song selection was great for my team. - Cheers

See review here
headshot Kathleen Therriault April, 2024 Google Shot Icon

I recently rented equipment from Karaoke Rental Niagara for a family event. Not only was the equipment top-notch, but the service couldn't have been more thoughtful and professional. They care as much about the success of your event as you do! My sincere thanks to Hector and team.

See review here
headshot B. Braun Canada March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

Very helpful and kind staff! They were amazing to work with, would definitely recommend for anyone who is hosting an event!

See review here
headshot Erin Adams March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

They did the set up for us so all we needed to do was click on the song and sing! It was easy to use and tons of fun! Would definitely recommend!

See review here
headshot alexie gosselin March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

I rented the kareoke machine for my 40th birthday. My friends and I had the best time having our own personal kareoke machine. I rented an extra speaker and the music was loud just like I wanted. Total success!!!! Highly recommend this service.

See review here
headshot Jocelyn Grégoire March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

Great service great evening when people start to get out of control the party dries up quickly😜

See review here
headshot Lucie Payment March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

🎵🎶 A wedding, a karaoke, perfect team! 🎶🎵 Everyone enjoyed it and memories were made forever! Thank you Karaoke Location Quebec for helping to ensure that our party was perfect🤘🏼 -Fred & Lucie

See review here
headshot Deanna Vandenburg March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

We loved the karaoke machine rental and sound system from Karaoke Hamilton , rented for my nephews stag and doe, (Rick Morton) lots of fun !! Great song choices ! Highly recommend ! 👍🎉😁

See review here
headshot William Huttman March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

Karaoke is an unforgettable addition to a party, and Karaoke Rental Hamilton does it the best!

See review here
headshot Jaimemorton March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

Wonderful! Added to make such a great party - couldn't recommend more.

See review here
headshot Edie White March, 2024 Google Shot Icon

Great service, lots of fun! Would rent from Hector again. Thank you!

See review here
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about hector the karaoke expert

Hi, I’m Hector, your karaoke expert here at Karaoke Rental Toronto

I’m here to help you with any questions you may have about our karaoke machine rental service. You can reach me by sending me an email or by calling me at 647-812-1684. All reservations are done online so if you don’t have any questions you can follow the link below to link to rent a karaoke machine

GinetteEt si tu n’existais pas
Beau DommageJoe Dassin
ProvocanteEmbarque ma belle
Rolling In the DeepLike A Virgin
Let It GoI Kissed a Girl
Idina MenzelKaty Perry
I Will SurviveDancing Queen
Gloria GaynorABBA
Y.M.C.A.Stayin’ Alive
The Village PeopleThe Beegees
Rock & Roll
Hotel CaliforniaHey Jude
The EaglesThe Beatles
Bohemian RhapsodyWonderwall
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